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Founded in 1986, Geotemps, Inc. is committed to the successful recruitment and placement of industry personnel within a safe and productive Client workplace and environment.

Geotemps, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer providing temporary and temp-to-hire personnel that are vital to maintaining the robust and necessary industrial, mining, and geoscience industries. We recruit, screen, and payroll all levels of qualified personnel; from seasoned and green geotechnical and engineering professionals to skilled and unskilled labor, administration, and everything in between.

Geotemps works as a trusted advisor in partnership with clients to address short term, long term, project and ramp-up staffing needs. Based on individual property, project and company needs, Geotemps identifies and assigns the best match to fit your immediate needs, so you can focus on the work at hand, not on the process of hiring and administrating staff.

Becoming a Client

The completion of a simple service agreement and credit application starts the process. You will work with our Staffing Managers to create a description of the job duties and necessary skills and experience. The Staffing Managers will then source and recruit to find you quality, prescreened candidates, meeting your qualifications and company culture. The Geotemps advantage allows you to simplify:

  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Applicant Selection
  • Project and Performance Terminations
  • Hidden Payroll Costs
  • Unemployment Obligations
  • Improper Employee Classifications

Each client uses Geotemps, Inc. in a different capacity and for that which fits their business best, including;

  • Projects and Seasonal Work
  • Business Expansion
  • Trial Periods
  • Retention Issues
  • Payrolling
  • Benefits
  • Meeting deadlines through faster hiring

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