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Geotemps/Geopros employ a corporate culture based on three generations of industry-specific mining, technical, and industrial careers, and is philosophically dedicated and culturally invested in the recruitment and retention of qualified industry professionals – providing both temporary and direct placement recruitment services for the minerals industry since 1986.

Geotemps and Geopros are strong traditional promoters of Best Perpetual Safety and HR Practices, as well as being traditional supporters of various state, regional, industrial, scientific, and technical societies and associations – including student scholarships, sponsorships, and events – promoting career investment as a path to corporate success while uniquely understanding and supporting client efforts to locate and enhance project productivity with qualified, necessary personnel.

We take pride in fostering professional relationships through valued and repeat employee assignments, multi-generational representation, referrals, industry support, and the unique ability to launch ‘one career at a time’ in a timely and professional fashion – as opposed to less qualified and therefore inappropriate personnel in bulk.

In addition to various accolades, testimonials, and awards, on November 17, 2016 Geotemps, Inc. was recognized on the floor of the United States Senate for its strong and enduring support of Nevada’s minerals industry. During his statement, U.S. Senator Dean Heller called upon his fellow Senators and Nevadans to join him in commemorating Geotemps, Inc. saying, “I am proud to honor Geotemps’ significant contributions to the mining industry in the State of Nevada, throughout our Nation, and across the globe.” “Without the determination and persistence of [Geotemps] founders and entire staff, Nevada would not have experienced the excellent growth we see today. I ask my colleagues and all Nevadans to join me in congratulating Geotemps on its 30th anniversary. This institution has advanced Nevada’s mining industry, and I am honored to recognize this important milestone.”

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