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The Geo-Family of Services are Recruiting Experts for Industry. Geotemps and Geopros are philosophically dedicated and culturally invested in the recruitment and retention of qualified industrial professionals – while promoting industry-related safety, necessary technical societies, and education through student participation. We specialize in direct placement recruitment and personnel on assignment for the mining, geotechnical, industrial construction, energy, and related industries, in the U.S. and abroad. Geotemps International, ULC, is a U.S. based corporation holding a Canadian subsidiary providing direct placement sourcing and technical personnel on assignment.

As the established leader in professional personnel services to the Mining and Industrial industries, Geotemps, Inc. bridges the gap between success potential and skilled professionals that make it happen. We are the experts you call when requiring professional temporary or temp-to hire staffing and recruitment services.

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Career Investment / Client Sustainability

The premier professional recruitment service for Technical, Managerial, Administrative, Scientific and Executive staffing, Geopros promotes career investment as an opportunity for corporate success.

Productivity and sustainability demand a ready resource for introductory, as well as highly experienced professionals. Geopros, Inc. digs deep to deliver vital personnel.


Community Involvement

As strong supporting member of the Industrial, Mining and Geoscientific communities, Geotemps works hard to create a safer industrial culture with the establishment and sponsorships of college and industry association safety awards and programs – looking within to add necessary value and awareness throughout the over-lapping industrial communities it services and supports.