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Geopros, Inc, is the recruiter you call not just for personnel, but for the right personnel. We pride ourselves on finding the quality talent that will help take your company to the next level! Geopros specializes in personnel critical to Industrial, Mining and Geoscience related industries. Our clients stand to benefit from the recruitment services of Geopros, Inc. through the knowledge and sensitivity that logically comes from a recruiter specializing in geo-industrial personnel.

Geopros, Inc. services have been applied in a variety of critical ways, with confidentiality at the forefront:

  • Creating strategic partnerships to align industry talent and in-house recruitment efforts.
  • Answering the call for a new generation of Technical and Executive professionals within in the US, Canada and Abroad.
  • Administrative and Technical professionals critical for start-up operations, business restructuring, or for the long-haul.

Working with us while building a community:

The Geopros service model isn’t complicated. Clients seek recruitment and human resources support, and we recruit the broad range of industrial, mining, geoscience, and construction personnel. Our clients use us for a variety of individual business reasons, but our quality, flexibility and client focused service is something every client receives.

Our dedication, long term engagement and commitment to the industry allow us to be prepared to staff from the top to the bottom; executive management, technical professionals, engineers, clerical, skilled labor and everything in between.

Geopros stands out – through its’ appreciation and support of client industries – and with the professionalism and pride required to assist the launching and sustainment of careers. Client satisfaction and flexibility is a specific concern. Matching applicant experience and work ethic to client requirements is a dedicated goal, and ‘the right fit’ may be as close as the next phone call.


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  • Completion of a standard Geopros service agreement and credit application
  • Work closely with our experienced Recruiters to create a thorough description of the necessary qualifications, logistical details, and job duty details
  • Receive candidate resumes for client consideration and review. If an applicant resume requires discussion, Geopros professional recruiting staff is available for questions, clarification, and support. Once an interview is eventually scheduled, Geopros assists with the scheduling and location – and in some cases, a Geotemps or Geopros office may be available for off-site client/applicant interviewing.

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